Critical Arc Flash Analysis & Technical Writing

Ensure the well being of your employees and equipment with electrical engineering solutions from Elco Resources in Rossland, British Columbia. We offer cloud-based or on-site electrical engineering, as well as a technical writing service that adds value to every project by improving project economics, safety, and reliability.

Arc Flash Analysis
Hazard warning labels are a legislated requirement for all electrical equipment. Arc flash analysis is used to establish the hazard level on electrical equipment.
We develop a computer model of your power system and calculate arc-flash incident energy levels for the electrical equipment. We analyze the power system and provide recommendations to reduce the arc-flash energy where levels are too high to permit live maintenance.
Protection & Coordination
Electrical systems design must satisfy two conditions: when the electric current is contained in the wires, and when the electric current is not contained in wires. Electrical systems appear to work well when the design works for the  first condition but catastrophic damage and extended outages can occur if the system is not properly designed to address the second condition.


Electrical faults can cause serious damage to equipment and cause extended power outages if the protection system is not properly designed. There is a balance between the cost of the protection system and reliability. We work with the client to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the protection system design, and how to find the balance between cost and reliability. We help you:

• Develop the Conceptual Design • Write the Protection Narrative • Set up the  Protective Devices • Perform a Coordination Study

Technical Writing
Well-written technical documents are essential for effective communication and professional image. High standards for technical writing are a priority for Elco Resources. Our technical writers come from technical backgrounds.  We write, edit, and publish training manuals, standards, and procedures.

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